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Thornbury in Bloom

How to contact Thornbury in Bloom

For more information visit www.thornburyinbloom.co.uk, via Twitter #thinbloom or www.facebook.com/thornburyinbloom or read the blog: www.thornburyinbloom.co.uk/blog

Thornbury in Bloom

To join the committee, please contact .

To enter your home/shop in the Thornbury in Bloom competition, please collect an entry form from Thornbury Garden Shop or T & J Owen's Florist during the Spring.

If you'd like to receive the Thornbury In Bloom newsletter by email, send your email address to:

Latest News

Thank you from the Chairman, Guy Rawlinson

Hi Everyone

A little belatedly, we are all still recovering; I would like to thank everyone who helped in so many ways helping prepare the town for the visit of the judges. I think it was worth the effort, the town looked wonderful.

The Gazette has run two articles which can be viewed from the following links:



These articles have both been posted on the Thornbury in Bloom Facebook page as well. If you don’t follow us, or don’t have a Facebook page, now is the time to follow us there.

I also sent a letter to the Gazette thanking the town for everyone’s efforts. This is not posted on line, so it can only be viewed in the paper. But in case you miss the letter I have copied it below and a photo taken of Crossways Infants dancing for the judges at the Ring of Thorns, courtesy of Jacquie Rinaldi’s camera is attached!

I would like to thank everyone who supported Thornbury in Bloom when the Britain in Bloom judges visited the town in July 2015. It was quite an occasion for the town.

The judges were entertained with maypole dancing by Crossways Infants School children, they passed through a ‘garden (guard) of honour’ at St Mary’s School, to name but two of the activities on the day.

They visited many of our wonderful attractions, Filnore Woods, Christ the King Prayer Garden, Thornbury Community Garden, Daggs Allotments, Rock Street Gardens, the Castle feature and VE bed on the A38, the new Ring of Thorns and of course the town centre. The High Street, Castle Court, The Plain and Castle Street looked resplendent.

I would like to thank all the groups, too many to mention here, for all the support and hard work put in to make the town look so attractive.

It is a pity that some people find it hard to praise our town and find things to criticise about it.

From my point of view, as both the Chairman of Thornbury in Bloom and the Town Mayor, I was very proud to show the judges so much that the town has to offer.

They certainly enjoyed themselves and told all those that gathered at the Chantry what a picture the town looks. We now have to wait until September to find out how we have fared in the competition.

In the meantime I think I can speak on behalf of so many people by saying that the town looks a picture and that we as residents and visitors are all winners, whatever the judges might think, being able to enjoy Thornbury, our wonderful town.

Thanks once again, but we now have to wait until 24th September to find out how we have done!

What goes on in winter?

Thornbury in Bloom have asked what they do during the winter when things are so quiet... The team beg to differ - here's what they achieved over winter 2014/15:

Thornbury in Bloom
  • Prepared the ground for the 'Ring of Thorns'
  • Cleared the bed outside the Golf Centre entrance for planting 30 rose bushes
  • Held a very successful stall at St Mary’s School Science and Engineering Fair
  • Carried out a review of the Wildflower Meadow with Avon Wildlife Trust
  • Ordered two new hanging basket poles
  • Hosted a very successful talk on ‘Nature on our Doorstep’

Thornbury's Ring of Thorns

Have you ever wondered how the name of Thornbury was derived? Well, Thornbury Museum provides the following comments regarding the derivation of the name:

In Caffall’s book he says "Thornbury is described in the Oxford Dictionary of English Place Names as a "Burg where thorns grew", or the "Burg protected by a thorn hedge". Early spellings of the name are Thornbyrig (896), Turneberie (1086), Torneburi (1220), Thornbir(y) (1242) and Turneberie (1317)."

Quite a number of options then! But research suggests that pre-Norman Thornbury, a much smaller place than it is today, was built on the rocky platform above the marshes, perhaps enclosed or encircled by a hedge of thorn bushes.

Thornbury in Bloom

Thornbury in Bloom have brought the name of Thornbury to life... literally. They have planted a ‘Ring of Thorns’ in the town! Tesco have dedicated a section of their land to plant a ring of hawthorns. This land, on the bank next to Bristol Road and opposite the tops of Daggs Allotments is now the home of the ‘Ring of Thorns’.

This feature offers a reminder to everyone of the Thornbury name and a key feature for the Britain in Bloom judges when they visit us every summer. The In Bloom team have planted 12 semi mature hawthorn bushes in a ring about 20 to 25 feet in diameter.

Tesco, who are happy for this land to be used to plant the ‘Ring of Thorns’, have agreed that they will also maintain the area going forward as part of their normal grounds maintenance activities.

Chairman's Report 2014

Click here to read the report given to Thornbury in Bloom's 2014 Annual General Meeting by the Chair, Guy Rawlinson.

A Treemendous Future!

Tree Planting

One of the most important parts of the In Bloom competition is long term planting, and over the last few years several people have funded a tree in Thornbury as either a memorial for loved ones or as a business or society sponsorship.

The cost of a tree can be between £200 and £350 depending on the size of the tree and the variety.

If you, as an individual or as a representative of a business or community group, would like to discuss sponsoring a tree please get in touch with Judith Hurford our Tree Warden on 01454 414074 or .

The photo shows Judith Hurford and Guy Rawlinson, Chair of the Town Council Environment Committee and Chair of Thornbury in Bloom.

Judith Hurford heads a group of volunteers in Thornbury called the Tree Strategy Group, which has been recognised by Britain in Bloom for its contribution to Thornbury's green heritage, planting trees in many locations over the last five years.

About Thornbury in Bloom

We all enjoy the floral displays that brighten up Thornbury each Summer. Imaginative floral creations welcome us as we enter the town, and hanging baskets and tubs create colourful splashes throughout the town centre.

For this we have to thank the Thornbury in Bloom Committee - a group of volunteers who raise money each year to fund the displays, and work hard to plant up the various containers.

Their efforts make Thornbury an attractive place for locals and visitors.


Thornbury's green-fingered experts are closely involved; Jean Owen from J&T Owen florists decorates the Parish Pump as well as other containers throughout Thornbury, and Sue Aitken from Thornbury Garden Shop fills upturned putchers - these used to be used for catching fish on the River Severn and provide a visual link with Thornbury's heritage.

You'll find the putchers around Rock Street, the allotments and at Thornbury Garden Shop.

It's not just those of us who live locally who appreciate the effort and skill that goes into creating the floral displays. The Thornbury in Bloom committee enters the Britain in Bloom competition, and regularly wins awards.


Prizes are awarded locally to businesses: pubs, shops and even industrial units take part.

There are also local prizes for private gardens, and everyone is encouraged to take part. There are certificates and garden vouchers to be won!

Each Spring the Thornbury in Bloom committee holds a Thornbury in Bloom Day, with plant stalls and collections, culminating with an evening event, which in the past has involved presentations by Chelsea Gold Medal winners such as Jekka McVicar and Leyhill Prison.

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