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Horizon Nuclear Power

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Horizon Nuclear Power

Read the latest Community Update

Click here to download a copy of Horizon Nuclear Power’s latest Community Update newsletter (June 2014), which provides information on the development of proposals for a new nuclear power station near Oldbury-on-Severn – a year on since plans resumed under new owners Hitachi.

Gloucestershire-based firm Horizon Nuclear Power to expand into new headquarters

Nuclear power company Horizon has announced it will be moving to new, custom-built premises on the Gloucester Business Park. The firm is creating hundreds of new jobs as it boosts its headquarters-based team to around 400 people.

The company, formed in 2009, is behind the development of nuclear power stations at Wylfa on Anglesey and near Oldbury on Severn in South Gloucestershire. Horizon will eventually employ up to a thousand people at each of its power station sites.

Horizon currently employs 150 people but is rapidly recruiting at a rate of around 100 people per year as its projects gather momentum. The new headquarters will be available from 2016.

Alan Raymant, Chief Operating Office of Horizon Nuclear Power, said: “Our current offices on the park have served us extremely well but, as our plans have developed, the company has grown and we need a bigger facility. The Gloucester Business Park is ideal for us. This part of the country has good transport links and a strong heritage of nuclear professionals, companies and related industries. We’re growing fast and are looking for high calibre people across a range of disciplines to join us.

This is the latest in a series of significant developments for the company. In December, Horizon signed a co-operation agreement with the Treasury, designed to support project financing, and series of “framework contracts” with major UK based engineering companies. In January, the “UK Advanced Boiling Water Reactor” technology proposed for both sites moved to the second of 4 stages in the Government’s “Generic Design Assessment” regulatory process for new nuclear reactors in the UK. For more information on Horizon Nuclear Power, including supplier registration and job opportunities, visit www.horizonnuclearpower.com

Horizon nuclear reactor undergoes regulatory assessment

Horizon Nuclear Power is a UK energy company developing a new generation of nuclear power stations to help meet the country’s need for sustainable low carbon energy. We are a subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd planning to deliver at least 5,400MW of electricity, at our proposed sites, Wylfa Newydd on Anglesey, and Oldbury-on-Severn in South Gloucestershire.

Wylfa Newydd is Horizon’s first site and we aim to secure initial electricity generation at Wylfa Newydd in the first half of the 2020s, with Oldbury to follow. No decisions have yet been made about our Oldbury project and the go ahead would not happen until we’ve carried out formal consultation with local people, allowing them to have their say and help shape our proposals. We’re working on the detailed timescales for this.

We are proposing to use UK Advanced Boiling Water reactors (UK ABWRs) at both sites. Hitachi-GE-Nuclear Energy, Ltd. (Hitachi-GE) is the reactor technology provider and, as such, is Horizon’s principle Tier 1 contractor. Hitachi-GE will lead a delivery team that will carry out the design, equipment provision and build of the main plant using the intended reactor technology – the UK Advanced Boiling Water Reactor.

Hitachi-GE has now submitted the UK ABWR to the Generic Design Assessment process, where it will be scrutinised by the UK nuclear regulators: the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR); the Environment Agency (EA) and Natural Resources Wales (NRW). For more information please visit: www.hitachi-hgne-uk-abwr.co.uk

The Advanced Boiling Water Reactor (ABWR) has been built on four occasions in Japan. It is also under construction at two further sites in Japan as well as one in Taiwan, and has received regulatory approvals in three countries: the USA, Japan and Taiwan. Hitachi-GE has now submitted the UK ABWR for the Generic Design Assessment process, where it will be scrutinised by the UK nuclear regulators: the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR); the Environment Agency (EA) and Natural Resources Wales (NRW).

The GDA process relates to the reactor type, rather than site-specific proposals. Horizon will require site-specific licenses and permissions for Wylfa Newydd and Oldbury-on-Severn before we can go ahead and build at those locations.

Hitachi-GE has been developing a website which presents an overview of the technology, and this has now been launched. You can see the website here: www.hitachi-hgne-uk-abwr.co.uk. It explains the reactor design and key features.

The website also invites comments or questions on the design of the reactor, and on the submissions which Hitachi-GE makes to the regulators. Hitachi-GE will respond to these comments, and share the questions and answers with the regulators.   

We would be delighted if you would visit the website and use the comment facilities. Please do feel free to share these details with others.  

If you have any questions about Horizon’s proposals for a new nuclear power station near Oldbury call our Freephone information number on: 0800 130 3125 or email:

Contact Horizon

If you have any queries or issues you would like to raise with Horizon, please call Freephone number 0800 130 3125 or email:

For more information go to: www.horizonnuclearpower.com

You can write to: Horizon Nuclear Power, 5210 Valiant Court, Gloucester Business Park, Delta Way, Gloucester, GL3 4FE.

Talks to local groups

Members of the Horizon Oldbury development team have given a number of presentations on our proposals to local groups and organisations, with further talks scheduled.

The meetings are a great way for Horizon to bring local people up to date and provide an opportunity for members of each group to raise any specific issues or concerns they may have about the project.

As part of their continued programme of local engagement they are keen to schedule more of these individual events and would like to hear from more local groups or organisations who would be interested in meeting with them.

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