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Edition 20: October 2010.

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Dear Friends and Supporters,

Just a reminder that our Annual General Meeting is being held on Monday 1st November at 7.30 in the Committee room of the Armstrong Hall complex. Everyone is very welcome and it is a good chance to hear a bit more about what has been done and what we need to do for 2011 and our return to the National Competition.

So don't stop reading here! – Come and join us!

We start with teas and coffees should be finished by 9pm.

Sadly Sue Horsfall who has been our secretary for many years is stepping down from the committee and we shall certainly miss the enormous amount of work she has done for us and her knowledge of how the town council works.

So as you can guess we are need of some extra help! The Secretary's job has become very large over the last few years and can now be split into several parts to ensure that it is not too great a burden for one person. We have already had some offers of help but could do with some more!

So if you are able to use a computer and have a few spare hours in the month- we would love to hear from you. If you would be interested in taking on the Secretary's post or just helping with other tasks please get in touch. I shall be away from work next week so if you are interested pop in to the Town Hall where Sue H. can give you some more information on what it all entails. Remember we have some good fun and we are all very friendly!!

Tree Planting Judith Hurford, tree warden and leader of the Tree Strategy Group, is currently in discussion with South Glos council finding areas where new trees can be planted in the Town. If you would like to sponsor a tree the cost is approximately £250 but may be slightly more or less depending on variety, size and location. South Glos do not like memorial plaques on the trees on their ground but are happy to arrange planting and aftercare for specific requirements. If you are interested in more details please again get in touch.

We would also love to undertake an area of "Copse" planting to create a wildlife habitat- but we need some suitable ground that is currently devoid of many trees and bushes. There have been projects in other areas where a portion of a field, playing field or other public area [or private where public access could be allowed] is given up to copse planting with native species. If you can suggest an area in Thornbury we could consider- please speak to me or Judith Hurford.

I have asked the Town Council if they would allow Thornbury In Bloom to add two more seats into Rock Street Gardens now all the beds are such a joy to look at. –If you haven't walked over there it's worth a visit. Again if you may be interested in sponsoring a bench as a memorial or business promotion – you know where to find me. I must emphasise this is subject to agreement from the Town Council.

Bulb Planting We have small groups of people planting bulbs over the next week or so- and as soon as we get some Snowdrops from South Glos we have more to add in Streamside Walk to continue the success of last years project. Again any offers of help for planting are welcome. Pencil in the first Sunday in November.

And finally for now...

"It's Your Neighbourhood Awards" This is an off-shoot of the main In Bloom competition and this summer we had 6 very different and successful entries. The Community Garden, The United Reform Church, The Bathings Sheltered Housing, The Pullins Green residents group, Litter Busters and Hamalot Allotments near Oldbury.

The scheme is designed to recognise the efforts of any small group who get together to improve and area around them. As you can see our entries are very varied and can cover a range of activities. If you have any ideas and would like to become involved try www.rhs.org.uk/Gardening/Community-gardening/It-s-Your-Neighbourhood for more information.


With the impending financial difficulties facing many organisations next year we need as much financial support as we can get. If you would like to discuss any form of sponsorship, no matter how large or small – every penny helps. We need about £10,000 each year to continue our work!

If you can't donate personally could you help fund raise? Organise a coffee morning or raffle or concert? All efforts are recorded for the judges and it is the community support that makes Thornbury stand out from the crowd- so why not join in!

If you would like to help there is a donation form www.thornburyinbloom.co.uk

Or please get in touch to discuss sponsorship of larger projects.

This is one of our news letters to keep you in touch with what is going on but most importantly to get you involved. The competition is about the community working together.

If you would like to be involved in any way please contact me, 01454 419350 or or visit our website www.thornburyinbloom.co.uk

For more information or to offer help, support or ideas or to subscribe to this newsletter please contact Sue Aitken, Thornbury In Bloom. Tel: 01454 419350 or email

If you would like to talk over an idea please talk to any member of our “In Bloom Team” or call into Thornbury Garden Shop to see Sue Aitken or the Town Hall to see Sue Horsfall.

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